Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    translation of book the Issues criticism and poetry    M.Sc.    rastegar, roghayeh    2012-11-27
2    an analysis on Ebne-khaldoon\\\'s literary and social thoughts    M.Sc.    tavazoei nezhad, alireza    2012-12-17
3    Study of aesthetic effects of the Sahifa Sajjadiyya    Ph.D    khalaf, hasan    2013-01-01
4    MOKHTASARI DAR TARIKHE TAHAVOLLE NAZM VA NASRE PARSI. (The brief in history of Persian prose and poetry)    M.Sc.    Hamadi, Davood    2013-05-06
5    History of Persian Literature    M.Sc.    jaber, seyed khalil    2013-05-06
6    Entrance to the interpretation of the Quran and its Sciences    M.Sc.    bazrgary, farzaneh    2013-05-06
7    The legacy of the Prophets    M.Sc.    asgharzade, akramsadat    2013-05-06
8    The analysis of Adonis thought based on sufism and surrealistic interpretations in his oeuvre    M.Sc.    najarzadeh torbati, behnam    2013-05-28
9    Article writing on contemporary Arabic literature relying on nassif Alyazci\\\\\\\'s articles    M.Sc.    kohi, sedeghe    2013-10-09
10    Discuss position in the story of Prophet Yusuf    Ph.D    ghaffarpuor, sadeq    2013-12-29
11    A survey of Libyan contemporary poet development    Ph.D    zali, marziyeh    2014-02-09
12    Manifestation of the nation in the Qur’an whit the emphasis on its historical warnings    Ph.D    mahdizadeh, mahnaz    2014-03-05
13    The dominant image of modern Iraqi poetry (Ahmad Matar, Mohammed Mehdi Javaheri, known Rasafi, Mustafa Jamal al-Din)    M.Sc.    kaab omeir, abdalhosein    2014-04-22
14    classic    Ph.D    kamali, golamreza    2014-06-08
15    translation of "Encyclopedia of the meanings of Arabic letters"    M.Sc.    helaliyan, fathiye    2014-06-17
16    proverbs in religions    M.Sc.    sabaghian, nahid    2014-06-17
17    Tree of Misery    M.Sc.    hashemi, leyla    2014-06-17
18    study subject and technical characteristics of childrens poetry suleiman al-issa    Ph.D    abdi, samaneh    2014-09-12
19    Jassem Alsihayih‟s maind and language    Ph.D    Mousavi, Ali    2014-10-26
20    presentation and delays in surat Al-maida semantic studv    M.Sc.    JUBER, HASAN ADEL    2014-10-26
21    A stylistic semantic , Semantic , Aesthetic Study of Surat AL Ankabut    M.Sc.    ALAZRAQI, ALI SALEH HASHIM    2014-12-11
22    Poetic subjects in Mo'jam AL Boldan ( A Descriptive -Analytic Approach)    M.Sc.    QASIM, SALEEM DHUYOOL    2014-12-22
23    A Translation of the book    M.Sc.    Jaber, Sakinehsadat    2015-02-17
24    semantic study of chapters mozammel and modasser    M.Sc.    HAMEED, MAJID ATIYAH    2015-02-17
25    A semantic and linguistic study of the word shahadh and It's derivations in holly Quran    M.Sc.    AL GHANIM, ASAAD AHMED SALIM    2015-03-03
26    Asceticism and mysticism in the Andalusian poetry (the era of marabouts) model    Ph.D    GHARBAWEE, HAKIM JASIM ABDOLLAH    2015-05-17
27    Study of social themes in the poetry of Badr shaker Al-Sayyab and Kaiser aminpoor    M.Sc.    khorasani, saeed    2015-05-26
28    Thesis and analysis of the poem contents of Divan Mohammad al-Qaisi    M.Sc.    nezhadhesavi, amineh    2015-06-13
29    Tarib Ba karvan e Hellh Dr.Zarrin koob    M.Sc.    kafashzadeh, ali    2015-09-05
30    The Effect of the Holly Quran on the Andalusian Poetry at the Garand Age from (668 to 898) (An Analytical Artistic study)    M.Sc.    Al Juaifari, Muna K Muareje    2016-01-09
31    an analytical analysis of    M.Sc.    Al Izaybawee, Ahmed    2016-02-02
32    Insurgency in the poet Dabl Khuzai    M.Sc.    AL AGELE, Ali TALIB MAHDI    2016-02-02
33    Modernity in the poetry by Sheikh Jaafar    M.Sc.    Alzubidi, Nasha    2016-02-02
34    Edition and verification of Divan–e abas zevary    Ph.D    NADERIAN, ALIREZA    2016-02-03
35    the Irony in Contemporary Egyptian Poetry: Ahmad Shoghi, Hafez Ibrahim and Khalil Motran    Ph.D    vahdani, zahra    2016-02-06
36    Deviation in al- sahifa al - hossayniya    M.Sc.    alsharaa, firaas    2016-03-01
37    Translation of the Book Entitled "Layali-o-Sohad"    M.Sc.    derakhshan, azam    2016-03-01
38    Contentious Issues in Ta’abbataSharran’s Poetry    M.Sc.    alkharsa, haidaar    2016-03-01
39    Implications Poetic Shiite In The Mamluk era In KUFI    M.Sc.    ALZUBAIDI, DHEYAA ABDULHAMZA    2016-03-01
40    A Comparative Study of Belief in Arabic and Persian Rhetoric    M.Sc.    saberi nasrabad sofla, Ali    2016-07-02
41    Symbolism in the poetry of Nizar Qabbani    M.Sc.    khorasani, saeed    2016-11-08
42    Pilgrims in the story of Jesus son of Mary (p) deliberative study in the Quran    M.Sc.    Al-shammari, mushtaq    2016-11-08
43    Love poets of pre-Islamic period Almrakec elder and younger case studies (a technical objective study)    M.Sc.    Alhchaimi, Mohammed Hussein Mahdi    2016-12-20
44    Semantic study of quranic words that imply talk    Ph.D    Ebadnasab, Ali    2016-12-21
45    : translation of the book «Comparative study of stylistics and jurisprudence of Surah Ma'eda »    M.Sc.    sabahighoraghani, zahra    2017-05-16
46    The Political irony in poetry Ahmed Matter    M.Sc.    jebur, mushreq    2017-05-16
47    Educational and moral integrators in the literature of Bint Al-Hoda    M.Sc.    ALHUSSEINI, MOHAMMED    2017-05-30
48    Defince in the poetry by sheikh AL-Shabibi    M.Sc.    ali, jameel    2017-05-30
49    Sociological Study in poetry of Nizar Qabbani and Ahmad Shamlo.    M.Sc.    shekaroei, alireza    2017-05-30
50    Technical Tendencies, Children's Tales, Iraq    Ph.D    GASIM, Saleem    2017-06-21
51    AL- Zarzurat in Andalusian prose (stylistic study)    M.Sc.    HAMAD, AHMED MAHDI HAMAD    2018-01-24
52    Yahya Ibn Salamat al Haskaf,A Study on the Thematics and trops of his Epistels,Maqamat,and Oratories    M.Sc.    Al - Musawi, Jawad Kadhim Hameed    2018-01-24
53    Argumentation in Al-Sadr and Shariate’s Enlightening Discourse    M.Sc.    AL NASERI, ALI ABDULZHRAH MAJEED    2018-02-18
54    Poem & Idia of sheikh Jafar AL Naqdi    M.Sc.    AL SAEDI, EBRAHIM    2018-05-08
55    The translation of the Sinan Antoon novel " vahdaha shaiaratorroman" to the persian language    M.Sc.    Rahimy Aghdas, Maryam    2018-06-21
56    National Commitment in Omar Abu Risha 's Poetry    M.Sc.    abbas, ghazwan    2018-07-02